Set, manage and meet your goals.
With ease.

For all those New Year's resolutions, holidays and "nice things in life" that never end up happening. We make saving towards your goals easier to set, track and more rewarding.

Set your goals and we will help you save for everything big & small.

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Get rewarded for saving well.
It's vital.

You should feel good about doing the right thing for your money. So we've got rewards for every step of the way.

"No pain, no gain"...we call BS!

Meet Gugu

Your personal financial coach. She's really excited to get you financially woke!

Gugu is here to motivate you along the way, and reward you for all your positive savings behaviour. Think of her as the money buddy you never knew you needed.

Hello Gugu... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Our Features

We've designed our mobile app for your goals and making sure your money matches your ambition (even with the small stuff).

Gugu (Digital Shepherd)

Gugu is personalised to help you meet your savings goals.

Insights & Visualization

Get on-demand insights and visualizations to your savings goals.

See your money grow on the go.

Premium Rewards Program

We are making it easier and more rewarding to meet your savings goals.

Save. Earn. Redeem.

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